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Growing up, we try to think up the most perfect wedding. In our heads, we’ve picked out the flowers, the colors, the tuxedos, the dresses, the decor, the food, our dress, and, of course, the day itself. Summer? Autumn? Winter? Spring? We all have our particular preference. So, now, the day has come for when you’ve just gotten engaged, you’re in love with your partner-to-be and loving life. You’ve shopped around looking for the best place to hold your wedding. It’s perfect! It’s the one – but, alas, the date you wanted is booked. Disaster strikes – is this not the perfect venue? Without that date, will the wedding be a lot different from what you’ve imagined? That’s where the question comes in – what’s more important? The wedding date or the venue?

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. It becomes, essentially, a second job while you’re trying to live the rest of your life. Although it’s fun and exciting for the both of you, it can also be extremely stressful. That doesn’t mean that, when it’s all done, it won’t be a day to remember. It will be everything you’ve hoped for and more. Everything seems to work out just when it’s time, so patience and faith are two very important things to remember at this time.

So, what IS more important? The venue or the date? Since you’re spending so much time and effort to find out where you’d like your wedding, changing the date is just a small consolation for having the best possible wedding. Although it is up for discussion, making sure that you get what you’re looking for on your wedding day is far more important than settling because of the date. Your wedding day is supposed to be a reflection of you and your partner and the love that you share. Don’t let that be ruined because of a date.

When you run into the problem of the date being a special date, there may be room for compromise when it comes to the perfect venue. La Galleria, in particular, can hold two weddings that are completely separated from each other on the same day – many venues can’t accomodate for that. Is there another special date in your relationship? Figure out what works best for you and go from there.

Your wedding day, no matter what, will be special because of the love you two share. Everyone will have fun no matter the date. Pick your favorite venue. Let them work with you and you will be sure to, absolutely, have a day to remember.

Photo Credit – Onion Studio