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When you’re out looking for the perfect venue for your event, there are many things to consider. First off, what kind of event are you holding? Is it a small get together or a large one like a wedding or a corporate event? This will determine the size of the space you will need. Second, will you be having food at this event? Is it a brunch or is it a dinner or will you just serve appetizers? On top of that, there is so much more. Making these decisions can be difficult which is why it is so important that you choose a venue with someone who can help you with those decisions.

Luckily, at La Galleria events, we have event coordinators in house who will help to accommodate to every want and need that you have. At La Galleria Events, we have two large rooms – the Elmwood Room which holds up to 150 people and the Loft which holds up to 250 people. In both of our rooms, we have full kitchens that accommodate to any food preference you are looking for. In the past, we have done vegan and soy/gluten free events and even Farm to Table weddings. Each room also has a full bar for those guest who like to raise a glass to the hosts of the event.

Are you a true Buffalonian? So is La Galleria Events! Not only are we right next door to New Era field, but we have the heart of Buffalo right in our walls. With stone from 18 mile creek to re-purposed brick from old buildings from the Buffalo area, we definitely hold the heart of Buffalo very close to us and our family.

Making your event unique to your preferences is very important to us and each event is different. Making those changes to each event makes it even more special every time. Whether you’re holding a wedding, your company gala, a fundraiser for a local charity, or a birthday party, there is something available for everyone at La Galleria Events.

Find out more and come check out the venue just by calling this number to set up an appointment – 716-648-4880. See you soon!